Sunday, July 29, 2007

pioneer breakfast

so, to celebrate our pioneer heritage and the day off that utahns get, we decided to have a pot-luck breakfast. i made blueberry muffins with a lemon glaze/sugar topping, nicole made super good crepes, chris made yummy potatoes, michelle made delicious eggs, and alish brought juice to round it all out. this is a plate kyle put together to showcase/partake of the goods.

here's to our pioneer ancestors who came to utah and in turn, unwittingly gave us a day of from work so we could eat wonderful carbs.

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caroline said...

the blueberry muffins could be any blueberry recipe. but the glaze is lemon, sugar and water, simmered till a little thick then i spread it on with a brush, then dipped the tops in sugar mixed with a little lemon juice. you could also add lemon zest.