Monday, July 2, 2007

cake on a platter

i haven't baked in a while due to my out of townness and subsequent tiredness. so, i will post these pictures of what i intend to put my next cake in to display.

this lovely cake platter was a birthday gift from my good friend, broek. i've been wanting one of these for forever and she didn't even know it! anyway, shout out to my homegirl who blesses me with her great taste in gifts.


f*bomb. said...

It's true- I noticed Broek's cakeplatter when I was over the other week, and it very much deserves something made of, perhaps, red velvet and coconut to go in there. I'm just sayin'.

Carrie said...

That's beautiful! I've always wanted one of those too, and I don't even bake very often.

P.S. Love your blog! The pictures are gorgeous!!!