Saturday, January 24, 2009

cinnamon sugar pie crust

you might already do this, but if you don't this is a great and delicious way to use any leftover pie dough. take your scraps and roll it out very think like regular crust, then lightly spray it with water and sprinkle cinnamon sugar and bake at 450° for about 7 minutes. break up into pieces and enjoy!


Betsy said...

I've been doing this since I was a kid. In fact, I've been guilty of making pie crust, not for pies, but for this stuff. It's so good.

My mom also use to give us her pie crust scraps and we'd roll it out and cut it into circles, fill it with a little jam and fold it over and bake. Kinda like those ghetto hostess fruit pies but 100x yummier.

caroline said...

oh my gosh, betsy, what a good idea! jam filled pie crust sounds pretty dreamy. i'm gonna have to bite your style!

julia said...

ooo, betsy, i agree! yum. and i vouch for this caroline recipe - i've done it/eaten it many times. it's like the dessert before the dessert is ready.