Wednesday, August 8, 2007

bake shop blueprint

so, when i was home for julia's wedding, i met up with my good friend tim, for lunch in oakland.

we had lunch and i told him about my bakery master plan so he told me about a bakery around the corner that was cool and of course, i wanted to check it out. you guys, it's my dream bakery! it's called bakesale betty.

it's in a great location, on telegraph, right by macarthur bart. it's close to some cool shops and it was pretty packed the whole time we were there. not to mention the super cute tables outside that are old re-painted ironing boards. my friend tonya said that they can be snooty sometimes, which is a downer, but other than that, it seems pretty much perfect.

we got some ginger cookies so i could compare them to the ones that i love and have made. we went outside and sat at one of the cute tables and the next thing i know, they bring us out this amazing lemon slush drink, for free.

then shortly after that, they bring us out what i thought was coffee cake, but turned out to be amazing banana bread. soooooo good! i am going to try to combine a few recipes to come up with something similar.

so, this is what i want my bakery to be like. just as yummy, just as fun. and, i might be trying out some banana bread recipes on willing taste testers.


caroline said...

ps- i'd love to hear any ideas for bakery names.

so far people have come up with these:
sweet caroline's
sugar rush
bake shop
and a few more i can't think of right now.

what do you guys think? any other ideas/suggestions?

Chanda said...

I happened to stumble across your blog. You make me hungry! I have a total sweet tooth. Everything you talk about making sounds so good. Good luck with the bakery. I live in Texas now, but I'm from Salt Lake. Maybe someday, I'll be able to pop in for some cookies. PS - IMHO, I like the name Sweet Caroline's.

miggy said...

Willing. Right here. . . that's me.

I also like Sweet Caroline's, but perhaps you should ask Mr. Diamond for permission first. And I like Bake Shop.

caroline said...

chanda, thanks for visiting! i'm glad that it makes you hungry. plan is working!

amy, when you come visit, i think we should plan an event surrounding food and meeting your cute lil' one.

f*bomb. said...

I love "Caroline's BakeShop." Because it's not just sweets- you make breakfast foods and breads and stuff, too, right?

I am SOLD on anyplace that would deliver lemonaid and introduce bananna-coffee-bread FOR SURE. SOLD!

liz s said...

i like sweet caroline's or, of course, lady k.
hey sorry i missed you while i was in salt lake. it was so crazy and busy trying house hunting. but i'll be there permanently in three weeks, ready to hang!

Sarita said...

Sweet Caroline's would be a toughy to pass up.

It's a tough decision though. I went through a million names trying to avoid my own generic one for photography purposes and landed on just that. Sarah Jones Photography. How original.

And when I asked friends and family for help, they came up with winners such as Some day my prints will come....'s all seems so cool and exciting.

rachel said...

If I ever opened a store I would call it gotas. That way people have to say, "wanna go ta gotas?" And then is sounds cool....

caroline said...

liz, i'm sad i missed you too! i can't wait till you get here, we will have loads of time to hang out then. i hope that you get that super adorable house you sent me. i LOVE it. and it's super close to ME.

rach, you crack me up.

bex said...

i love bakesale betty's! she wears a red wig and is cute as can be.

i can hardly wait to eat at your bakery.

Damian said...

names to consider:

425 (degrees)

Ginger Snap!
King Loaf
Curmudgeon's Muffins
Rise and Shine
Cranky Caroline's crusty creations (also available with all "K's")
the way a cookie crumbles
Buns in the oven


Ginger Baby

if not that, then Sweet Caroline's
or Sweets Caroline.

Damian said...


Cake walk

Anonymous said...

Sweet Caroline.

I like the name "Bake Sale".

And funny thing, I checked my mail and it seems I'm waiting on those banana bread samples to arrive...sigh...


tonya said...

Caroline! I take it back what I said about them being snooty at Bakesale Betty's. I'm sure I must have been there on bad days, or maybe because at the time they were so new. Or maybe they've had a change of staff because I've been there twice in the last week and everyone was so friendly, plus they had a ton more stuff. So I highly recommend it. Anything to get people to come to Oakland! (PS - coffee here is goooood. This is very important to me.)

MF said...

Mother Caroline's Baked Goods

Ash said...

Sweet Caroline
Bake Sale
Sweets Caroline

in that order;) I think all of those the homey, vintage moderness that is so you!! So excited for you! I love the ironing board tables!!

Anonymous said...
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