Wednesday, March 4, 2009

spain-a food tour

i was recently in spain and i pretty much ate my weight in pastries and delights. here are some pictures of a few of my favorites listed with the cities i ate them in.

madrid - napolean chocolaté (one of the best things i've ever had in my life–and i'm not exaggerating)

toledo - a marzipan treat, i think it's called marquesas

toledo - another marzpan style delight, called panellets

granada - an almond tart (lots of almond confections in spain, by the way, delicious!)

granada - an apricot tart

car snack - a vacation favorite of mine - puffy cheetos

seville - almond cookies made by nuns

seville - i have no idea but it was delicious

everywhere - chocolate caliente con churros

barcelona - the best shawarma anyone has ever had, anywhere


julia said...

i. am. jealous.

Carrie said...


Merback Family said...

PLEASE, for the love, take me with you next time. By the way...I"m coming into town next week and I would love to see you for lunch...maybe Thursday or Friday? Gracias;)

caroline said...

yes ashley! we need to plan a time for sure. call or email me and we will work it out. yay!

wide open spaces said...

your blog is KILLING my diet.

thechoulespauls said...

next time take me with you- yummy!

danellekim said...

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