Thursday, February 26, 2009

cookbooks i need

i've been obsessing over these books as of late and one by one, they will fill my shelves. mark my words.


the pastry queen

the modern baker


Becky said...

you use the word "need" correctly with the BAKED cookbook! it is one of my faves! i've only tried the black forest cookies and they were to die for. my friend made the rootbeer cake and loved it.

i'm hopefully making the sweet and salty cake soon!

the pastry queen looks very cool! which one do you want the most?

caroline said...

i don't know! it's so hard to choose. probably either the pastry queen or baked. i just have a thing for cookbooks. the one i live by is baking illustrated. have you used that? it's a baking bible.

Becky said...

no, i have not used baking illustrated! i'm going to check it out! thanks!