Thursday, December 11, 2008

cheese muffins

i found these via liz's blog which she found here. i love them! they were so good and addicting. and pretty hearty. just a warning, make sure other people are around to eat them cause you'll have trouble not eating them all yourself. cheese + bread = good. oh and ps, i used cheddar cheese instead of the colby jack the recipe calls for.


Angie said...

I'm so excited to try these.

Btw, I made your buttermilk buisciut rolls over Thanksgiving week for my in-laws and they were a bit hit. Thanks!

Oh, one more thing- I've been having trouble with cooking cakes and breads in this altitude. What do you do to modify recipes?

rachel lee said...

Oh yum! I had the cheese bread at Tocanos the other night and I wanted to learn to make them. SO good!

liam said...

mmm... cheese

mmm... muffin

Tara said...

I am a total blog stalker, but I always come to your blogs for fun new recipes.

Thanks for sharing them with all of us (even those you don't know).

caroline said...

tara, yay! i love blog stalkers! welcome and i'm happy you like the recipes.

caroline said...

angie, to modify the recipes, i usually just lower the temp a little less than 25°. and check it earlier than it says. which could just be my oven cooking too hot. other than that, i haven't seen too much of a problem. what's been your problem? have they not been rising?