Monday, December 7, 2009

ok, i've been crazy swamped so i haven't had time to make things and blog and take pictures, etc. but i did make this pumpkin black bean soup last night and it's delish! i highly recommend it. all i want to eat is soup lately, so i love finding new recipes.

also, i really, really want to make/eat this gingerbread apple upside cake. but i think i'll try it with pears. dreamy!

ok, i'll try to blog soon. i'm already dreaming of all the christmas food that is awaiting me when i visit home later this month.


julia said...

i've been on a soup kick for winter too. but since we have moved, i have yet to make homemade soup. did you do it in a pan or crock pot? it sounds delish.

carolinesbakeshop said...

i just cook it in a regular pan. it's really easy.