Friday, November 27, 2009

holiday wish list

my parents are incredible gift givers. they shop year round and are very thoughtful in their purchases. i wish i was as good at gift giving as they were, but alas, i don't have the same patience for shopping. i'm totally wracking my brain to think of what to get them and my other friends and family this christmas. i did however think of a bunch of things i would like. so if you know anyone who is into kitchen gadgets and things of the like, these are pretty great gifts.

the pastry queen by, rebecca rather

progressive measuring flour sifter. found via thekitchn

and this really nice set of serving utensils from nigella lawson

what's on your wishlist?


mal said...

I must have that progressive measuring flour sifter! (:

Julia said...

Whats on my wish list? Hmmmmm a non pregnant body for starters :) hey woman how are you? I can't tell you how long its' been since I've seen you! How are you???? Hope you don't mind your sister gave me your blog address, so I thought I would say hi. You and Christa and I should get together sometime!