Wednesday, June 17, 2009

san francisco food

when i went to san francisco over memorial day, i basically planned the trip around the food i wanted to eat. there are always a few places i make sure to hit and i got to a few of my favorites. unfortunately my favorite taco place was closed, but i comforted myself with the food at tartine.

these are coconut buns (actually called cocktail buns) that you can get in chinatown. delicious buns filled with butter, sugar and coconut. dreamy!

and here we have my favorite ice cream and (cold) caramel sauce from fentons. best ice cream parlor of all time.

and last but very much not least, the yams at house of nanking.


Mindy said...

I want nanking so bad right now. Those pictures are making me hungry!

julia said...

i've eaten all of the above and can attest to their goodness. if we ever have a roommate reunion (we must), let's just cut to the chase and make it all about food.