Wednesday, May 13, 2009

things i've made this week

ok, so i haven't posted a ton lately. i left my camera at a friends house and then i've just forgotten to take pictures cause i've been in a hurry or multi-tasking. but i've made stuff that i already made on this blog before. except the best peanut butter cookies ever, i'll post those later. for now, revisit banana bread and granola. i also made hummus, based on this recipe. i don't garnish with olive oil, and i usually blend up red peppers with the hummus.

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Robin said...

This is Shane Bevell. I signed in under my wife's name. I have been looking for you. I think I finally tracked you down. Do you remember me? We were in the same ward in Provo. How are you? My e-mail address is Let's catch up.