Friday, November 14, 2008

can't live without: my bosch

i truly adore my bosch. my good friend abe helped me get a good deal on this beloved machine last year and it's been so dreamy to make bread ever since. when i first started making bread, i used my kitchen aid. which is fine, but the motor just can't deal like the bosch. it's such a smooth process now. i can knead the bread in there for 10 minutes without that gear smell that happened before with the smaller motor in the kitchen aid. and it has a 16 CUP CAPACITY. yes, 16 cups. so i can make huge batches of other tasty delights (i also sort of hate the word tasty thanks to one of julia's ex boyfriends, but whatever). some people think it's crazy to have both a kitchen aid and a bosch. but those people don't have both and cannot concieve how wonderful life can be with this kind of kitchen excess.

all my love,


ali said...

This is so nice to hear. I have a Bosch too (though my model is a little older and less sleek) and I've really enjoyed it. Just wish it looked like a Kitchen Aid. In mint green. :)

Aubri said...

Hey Caroline...I don't know if you remember me from High School...Aubri Rino (Andrus). Anyway, I found your blog a while back, and it's way fun. I don't think you're crazy at all. I have the same bread problem with my Kitchen Aid, and I'm praying for a Bosch for Christmas. I agree with Ali...just wish the Bosch was a little more stylish! I'm so jealous!

ajr said...

abe sounds bitch'n

liam said...

i've actually been debating which one to purchase - kitchenaid or bosch.