Wednesday, June 18, 2008

mama's cafe

i recently had the opportunity to go to my favorite place for work (san francicso - what i'll always think of as my home) and we were able to find the time to eat at my favorite breakfast place, mama's cafe. here are a few pictures.

there is always a line outside, wrapping around the corner. it usually moves pretty fast, and since it's in north beach, there are always fun things to look at to make the time go by quickly. old asians doing thai chi on the grassy square across the street, the gorgeous st. peter and paul church and just the general area off columbus street. once you get up to the door, they ask you how many in your party and you get asked inside. finally! you watch these guys preparing the amazing food you are about to eat and look over the incredible options and then order. it's cash only so be prepared for that. then you are directed to a quaint table and salivate while you patiently wait for your food.

this is the pan dore. i typically order this because it's so unique and so good. so good, in fact, when i had my mom try it, she figured out how to replicate it and i always ask for that when i go home, too.

i added their home-made huckleberry jam that i always want to buy when i go there. they don't typically sell it but they said next time, if i bring a jar, they might possibly sell me some. i would imagine it costs a small fortune, but would be worth every penny.

so that is my tour of one of my very favorite places to eat, ever. you should make a point to go there, if it's ever possible.


Ang said...

I LOVE mamas! We totally miss it. The pan dore was my favorite as well! Yum. Hope you don't mind that I "stalk" your blog. I miss your cooking :)

f*bomb. said...

Ooooh, Mama! How I miss you! I'm sorry I never write and never visit, but your blueberry french toast is forever in my tastebuds.

Carrie said...

I work right near Mama's. But I never eat there. I know, weird.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I love this place, in fact when Roberto told me you kids were going to San Fran...I said, you simply must go to Mama's on Washington Square. Delicious!

Love the blog, Kimmy

Amy said...

Hey Caroline! I found your blog off Julia's (who found mine off Rachel's...). So, the big question is... are you going to share the recipe for Pan Dore??? I'd love to try it!
Hope you're doing great; here's our blog:

Anonymous said...

Can you please post your mothers copycat recipe for Pan Dore, since I've moved I miss it so much.


carolinesbakeshop said...

my mom said that she doesn't really use a recipe for the pan dore. just makes the french toast part out of baguette bread and then thinly slices the apples. she has a recipe for the lemon/butter sauce but i'm having a hard time getting her to part with it. but maybe try this recipe?,1815,144173-236203,00.html