Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ultimate sticky buns

i made these on sunday. i've been wanting to make them since i started researching sticky buns after seeing them on "throwdown with bobby flay" on the food network (the winning recipe is here). however, you need about 4 hours to make them so it's a big commitment. and while they are good and got a lot of compliments, i still feel that the easy recipe is better. which is basically like this. sorry no pictures, but there are plenty on the first recipe link and i'm pretty sure hers looked better than mine. besides, i spent four hours making the rolls, give me a little break, eh?

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Holly said...

i've been wanting to try making sticky buns. are they worth the work?? i know it's a big time commitment- which is ok if they turn out fabulous. but i guess that's part of trying new recipes. thanks for the tip that the easier ones are just as good.