Thursday, March 27, 2008

moving day

ok, so i'm lacking in baking and posting because i'm moving tomorrow and i've refused to cook anything in the oven i just cleaned and i pretty much have no food so that i don't have to move any. so please be patient and check back in a week or so, once i get settled, i aim to make a molten cupcake recipe my oldest sister passed on.

oh, and my other sister made the oklahoma corn rolls and did 3 T. of sugar for more flavor rather than the 2 t. and we tried a few stuffed with cheese and it was super good. they were a huge hit with both kids and adults.

wish me luck and sanity...



DC United said...

luck and sanity ;)

Left-Handed said...

I wish you lots of helpers. Do you have lots of help? Are you moving out of our ward?

caroline said...

thanks for the well wishes. i had a lot of help, some luck, and a little bit of sanity. now i just need to sort through the chaos. and try not to lock myself out again. i've already done that once in the day i've been here.

can't wait to get in the kitchen again!

miggy said...

Did you survive? We did...good luck and send some pics of the place when you get a chance. And we need to talk and catch up!


amorology said...

I love you. You are linked to me forever now!