Monday, January 21, 2008

dough enhancer

so, i got some of this dough enhancer that my mom asked me to pick up for her and tried it on two different recipes and it makes the bread SO good. so much lighter and it raises so much better. i thought i'd fill you in on this tip so that the next time you make bread you could try it and you would see a huge difference.


Broek said...

Wow, I expect this to hit the Mormon community like the Proclamation on the Family. Excited murmurs as it's announced in Relief Societies and over the pulpit. =)

Holly said...

hi, i'm holly, and i work with johanna merkley. she told me about your blog, so i decided to check it out and i LOVE it! i also share the love of baking, creating yummy treats, and sharing them with others. thanks for all your ideas and appetizing pics- hope it's ok if i become a frequent visitor!

caroline said...

yes it's definitely ok if you become a frequent visitor! the more the merrier for sure!