Tuesday, January 15, 2008

peanut butter bon bons

i gave some of these away at work and to a few friends. these are candies that my family loves that we got from my brother's friend's mother. got that? anyway, these are a better take on a lot of the "buckeye" or peanut butter bon bon recipes i've looked up. the use of rice krispies adds a great texture.

1 stick unsalted butter
2 c. peanut butter (i like to use one cup creamy, one cup crunchy)
1 lbs. powdered sugar
2 c. rice krispies (crushed)

12 oz. choc. chips (i used more than that, and it helps to melt a tiny bit of shortening with the chocolate to make it melt better and to look shiny)

roll peanut butter into balls.

once the peanut butter balls are formed, it helps to put them in the freezer first so they are easier to handle and set up better once you dip them in the chocolate.

to melt chocolate, i just put the chips and shortening in a heat safe bowl and melted it over boiling water, and if you keep the chocolate over that hot water, it stays easy to handle. but can be a bit hot. so be careful.

this is a really blown out picture of my hand dipping the chocolate. once they are dipped and chilled, i like them best kept in the refrigerator so that they are really crunchy.

i don't have a finished product picture, unfortunately because i had to give them all away. but they are pretty and so good to eat.


liz s said...

oh my gosh YUM!

Carrie said...

Those sound good. If I made them I would probably eat them all before I could give them away.

Amanda said...

Hey, mind if I follow the food? I really can't help myself when it comes to my tummy.

caitlin said...

I just made these and they were fabulous. Thanks for the great recipe! (I also thought next time I made them I might melt some white chocolate and drizzle it on the top of them to make them even prettier) Love your site!

Fig said...

I made these (but with Wheat Chex 'cause I didn't have crispies) and they were loved by all. Thanks for sharing!