Tuesday, October 2, 2007

gettin busy

ok, so i've been super busy lately. i've made loads of things...

granola bars
german chocolate cupcakes (modified)
carrot cake
wheat bread
banana bread
pecan pie
banana bread pudding
caramel sauce
no-bake cookies

that's all i can think of off the top of my head. but, i've been so busy baking and sharing the goods and just working a lot, that i haven't had time to take pictures or post. so... i will post the recipes of the ones you guys want the most. are there recipes you've been wanting to learn or make or find a new version of? which one(s) on that list would you like to see get the recipe for and/or a picture?

also, if anyone has a recipe they've been wanting to try but haven't, feel free to send it to me to try for you and let you know how it went. i'm sure you all do just fine by yourselves, but i'd love to be a sort of a "test kitchen" if you will.

i like you guys!


f*bomb. said...

1) Lemon. I like anything with lemons. Or fruit, really, of any kind.
2) I would like it if you posted the types of recipes under "topics," so if I want to search for a certain recipe or want to make something and want to browse "cookies" or "chocolate" cravings, I can do so.
3) I wish you could turn me into someone who actually bakes. Or uses recipies. Or does anything more than unwrap and eat. Really.

caroline said...

i added labels. FOR YOU FARRAH. i'll work on the other two items for you...

Left-Handed said...

I am always disappointed with banana bread recipes. I would like to find a keeper.

jean said...

Caroline, hi! Found your blog through friend of a friend's. Have you seen this web site, Tastespotting? It's gorgeous pictures of all sorts of food and I've been dying to try this recipe out for Red Velvet Cupcakes.

caroline said...

rachel, i keep trying different banana bread recipes. one thing that is really good is to toast the banana bread before you eat it. it's soooo good!

jean, HEY! so good to hear from you! i just saw frances recently and it was so fun! i haven't seen that before but wow, i'm dying over everything on there. i just want to go home and make all of that. so amazing. thanks for the link!

wow, normally i don't use that many exclamation points.

Damian said...

I wish you could be bothered to drop these sorts of things by my house from times to times.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a week for a good classic vegan Chinese Almond Cookie! Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

I need your no bake cookie recipe! I am a cooking fiend here (in Paris) but I have no oven in my apartment. C'est la vie.


PS. I love your 2 year plan.