Tuesday, October 21, 2008

can't live without: my silpat baking mats

see that little mat under my snickerdoodle cookie ball? i never, ever make cookies without these anymore. i LOVE my silpat mats. not only are they the best thing to line your cookie sheets with to bake cookies, you can put caramel corn or anything sticky without having to grease and cleanup is a cinch. i even have a roul-pat for rolling out biscuits, pie shells, bread and dough of any kind.

here is the maintenance instructions found online:

Maintenance and Care
Wipe the Silpat® with a damp sponge after each use to remove crumbs or particles. If washing is required, lay the Silpat® in the sink and run warm water over surface. Use a Demarle approved detergent or a mild soap with a soft sponge to clean the surface. Do not use any scrapers or hard brushes to clean the Silpat®. Shake off excess water and hang or lay flat on surface to dry.

**i never use any special detergent, just mild soap**

Store the Silpat® flat on a tray, hang them with a clothing pin, or roll them up (do not fold or place heavy objects on top of rolled Silpat®).

- Never cut or use sharp objects on the surface.
- Do not fold or store in a folded position.
- Do not grease.

pretty easy right? seriously, one of the best things that has ever happened to me in the kitchen.


liam said...

one cannot sing the praises of the silpat too lightly, although i sometimes wonder if in three years "they" will tell us it causes alzheimers or something tragic like that.

julia said...

have it. love it.

EEEJ said...

Had at one point....must have lost it in the "flood". Thank you for reminding me of what I am missing in my life...besides you that is. HURRY HOME!!!!

rachel thurston said...

which size should I get? should I get 2..one for savory, one for sweet? I want to get EXACTLY what you have. found some reasonable prices on amazon..

caroline said...

i have two nice ones of this kind


and one beat up one for when i roast carrots and things like that.

and i have one of these for rolling out pies and biscuits and things like that.


they are the best!